The e-Courier system includes a comprehensive set of tools allowing you to create electronic connections with your trading partners.  Whether true EDI 204, 214, 110 and 210 documents, or other electronic connections more specific to the client, we can accommodate the need.  Further, when using the e-Courier system, you are plugged into a network covering the entire country.

Today we have existing interfaces in place with major local, regional and national players in the pharmaceutical, medical, medical services and office supply industries; as well as with eCommerce, supply chain and freight-forwarder companies; and with many other logistics service providers.


In addition to the powerful connectivity tools that make you part of a much bigger nextwork, there are several other connectivity tools inherent in the CMS software package:

  • Customers can stay connected through your on-line entry and tracking tool, allowing them to enter orders, get reports, and track the status of their routes on a Google map.
  • The eAgent tool allows your agents to go on-line and receive work orders from you, print delivery paperwork if needed, and update status to your system.
  • Also through eAgent, your independent contract drivers can review and challenge payments and submit their invoice to you electronically.

The API and EDI platforms are included in the CMS, or can be used by shippers or carriers independently.  With existing interfaces in place with many Fortune 500 companies, logistics companies large and small, and a variety of other businesses, you can tap into a considerable trading network without having to do a bunch of customer integrations.  Contact us to discuss API and EDI options to fit your needs.