Software Support & Upgrades

We provide help desk support for users of our CMS enterprise software package as part of your ongoing software license agreement, as well as regular upgrades to keep the product current and feature rich. This is a standard part of the CMS license purchase.

Hosting Service

If desired, we will host your copy of the CMS application on our secure and firewall protected servers. All your offices will need is an Internet connection and PCs to be ready to go. This service is only available for e-Courier applications; we do not provide general hosting services.

User Training

e-Courier provides training to its customers in the use of the e-Courier software products. This training can be done on site at your facility, or on-line in arranged two-hour training sessions.

Logistics Management

Either through our staff or one of our delivery service partners, we can provide the expertise and the people power to manage your widespread distribution needs. Our shipping desk can help respond to your ongoing inquiries.


Through their 75 plus years applying technology to the industry, our principals have gained a great deal of insight and expertise that you may be able to call upon, particularly as it relates to applying the CMS and the e-Courier network to your goals.

Custom Courier Software Development

On occasion, we provide custom software development for our customers, but only when it relates to our core mission and/or our CMS software package