Below are some links that may be useful to e-Courier’s customers, prospects, and delivery service partners. Note that some of these sites are only accessible with a login and password, which you can obtain from your e-Courier representative, or by sending an email to our support.

e-Courier CMS Demo Site

Click above to access the e-Courier CMS demo site. Note that you will need a user name and password to log into the site, which can be obtained from your e-Courier representative. Note that you should have a representative walk you through the courier software the first time as it is very detailed.

e-Courier Agent Console Demo Site

Select this link for a demo of the e-Courier agent console, through which you can send orders to your agents, alert them to the order, have them update customer-specific shipment details, and reconcile their charges within 24 hours of completing the delivery. You will need a login and password to access this site.

e-Courier Demo Tracking Site

Select this link to view the on-line order entry, tracking, billing, and reporting capabilities that users of the CMS courier software can offer to their customers. Note that you can put your own look-and-feel on the site that has these advanced operational capabilities. A login and password is needed for this site.

e-Courier WebEx Training and Demo Site

Click here to visit the e-Courier WebEx training and demo site for pre-scheduled appointments with an e-Courier training or sales representative

e-Courier XML Test Site

View this site if you are developing an XML link to the e-Courier CMS system. Note that if you scroll to item 7 (“Testing”) you will see a link directing you to a site at which you can test your XML interface.