The cloud based e-Courier CMS package is a robust and proven enterprise distribution management solution.  With on-line and app-based order entry, sophisticated API and EDI management tools, map-based dispatch and GPS tracking, real time ETA status updates, bar code label creation and scanning, on-line tracking and reporting, billing and receivables, and much more, you can tailor the system to meet your specific needs as well as those of your customers.


The CMS consists of these core modules:

Dispatch.  The CMS Dispatch function allows users to monitor outstanding orders, map-track available drivers, provide early warning indications when service issues may be on the horizon, and allows for voiceless communications with the fleet.

Distribution Tools.  From the ability to create orders with the scan of a bar code, to the recording of items received and routed out from a terminal, to the ability to monitor item level scanning rates, the distribution tools are there to support your business objectives.

Customer Service.  Need to look up a signature on an order from two years ago?  Need to answer a customer’s question about the status of their delivery RIGHT NOW?  Need to identify exceptions for a particular customer as they occur?  It is all right at your fingertips in the CMS.

Reporting.  With the CMS canned reports, and with your own reports you can create against the system, you have some powerful options.  You can run most of the reports to the screen, allowing you to drill down to the finest resolution.  You can also run most reports to output to a spreadsheet or other file for further analysis.  With the CMS report scheduling tool, you can have reports run automatically for any number of purposes, such as sending a POD report to your customer at the end of each day, or having a service performance report in the inbox of your operations team for the morning meeting, or having an Aging Report emailed to the collections team every Monday morning.

Accounting.  From rating the orders you do for your customers, to calculating the pay you owe your drivers or vendors, we have you covered.  Your invoices can be printed and mailed, sent automatically by email, or sent electronically in an API, EDI or other format.  Cash can be posted as received against the orders or invoices generated by the system.

Mobile.  The CMS also is integrated with the e-Courier Mobile apps and functions addressed under the Mobile section of this site.  When you use CMS, you have licensed access to those tools as well.

Connectivity.  Also addressed elsewhere on this site is the connectivity available through CMS.  Whether it be connectivity with your drivers, your agents, your customers, or other partners, with CMS your footprint gets a lot bigger while your job gets a lot easier.  Of course the system can automatically generate emails and alerts based on key events occurring that you define.