ecMobile is the industry leading app used by tens of thousands of delivery drivers each day as part of the e-Courier package tracking solutions.  The ecMobile is a “smart” app in that it can be configured to present the driver with different options and menu choices based on who the customer is and/or what the package includes.  ecMobile is currently available for Android, Apple/iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile devices.

New in 2016, the eShip mobile app is intended for users of delivery services to be able to enter and track orders from their phone or other mobile device.  eShip has sophisticated map-based tools allowing the user to see where their package is at any given moment, when it is estimated to arrive, and who is coming to pickup or deliver the package.  You can also get alerts when the driver is a defined number of minutes away from the location, so you can be sure to meet them there.


With eShip, you can brand your own version of the mobile app, giving you higher levels of brand recognition.  Coupled with your inclusion in the e-Courier network you can label your own national delivery capability if you desire.

With the GPS capabilities of the mobile devices on which the e-Courier apps run, you can take advantage of various geo-fencing capabilities.  For example, with the ecMobile app, you know where the drivers were and when they were there.  No more guessing whether an early pickup or a late delivery might have occurred.  The courier app also integrates with Google maps and navigation tools, as well as other navigation tools, so through the app, the driver can be given turn by turn directions to the next stop without having to take their eyes off the road.